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A NEW DAWN Let’s Restore Faith In Humanity


Every year for the past five years, the Louis Love Nest Foundation, spearheaded by her Able Chairman and Lead Media Strategist, Ndali Modebe, Sir Sam & Prof Ifeoma Modebe, Dr Nkechi Mbaezue, Dr Ndidi Kennedy, Ijele Ozioma amongst many others, have actively created sensitization for the usage of Iodized Salt in our daily meals. Knowing the health benefits and adverse consequences, lack of this trace minerals can cause.

Insufficient Iodine levels in humans can manifest in sickness like goiter, hypertension, high blood pressure, stunted physical and mental growth, infertility and ulcers as well as many other diseases. Taking iodine supplements including iodized salt is effective for preventing and treating numerous iodine deficiency disorders. Iodine supplements help to reduce infections, inflammation ,all kinds of pain and sundry medical palliatives.

However, for this year’s World Iodine Deficiency Day, the Humanitarian Arm of the Louis Love Nest Foundation is taking a new turn.

In a Press Statement, Chairman /Lead Media Strategist for Louis Love Nest Foundation, Ndali Modebe announced this, “For this years World Iodine Day Campaign, We are delighted to be Partnering with Non Governmental Organization, Dez & Friends. Founded by Adaeze Ndu in Refurbishing A Remote Correctional Facility For Girls.

Ongoing work includes fixing leaking roofs, doors, mosquito nets, painting, and providing amenities. The girls ages range from 11-17 years. We will all within our power to provide adequate assistance.

This Project is sponsored by
Louis Love Nest Foundation
Sir Sam Modebe Foundation
Primavera International School
And Hazel Oils


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